23 Unexpected Ways To Transform An Unused Closet

A simple painted board forms the desk, but you’d never know that from looking at it. The first thing you’ll need to do is look at your closet’s current shelving. And if not, whether you can reuse the supports currently holding up the shelves. Decorating a small space is the perfect opportunity to use a color scheme you wouldn’t normally, like in this black and white cloffice. Or, if you just need some extra storage, consider adding a wardrobe rack to your office. Pull a chair into your new office and pretend to work for a bit before you start your closet to office conversion.

  • Regardless of whether you’re working in a walk-in or reach-in closet, chances are high that you’re still facing a wall.
  • For surge-protector power strips, check out these 6-foot and 10-foot options.
  • Pretty sure it’s become more popular since the days of the virus with everyone stuck at home.
  • It’s a design you can DIY in just a weekend too, simply design your layout and then wall mount floating shelves to create handy storage and a desk.

Install the knobs and alignment clips as shown in the hardware installation instructions. Next install adjustable shelf standards to the back wall of the closet. For a typical 4-ft.-wide closet, three 36-in.-long shelf standards should be adequate.

Cheer up the space with bold wallpaper

This way, you can easily access the items whenever you need them, without cluttering up your desktop. For smaller items such as staplers, notebooks, and writing items, buy an inexpensive desktop organiser, stash all your stuff in it and place it to the side of your desk. Drawers do not need to span the entire width of the desk. Simply measure out the area where you think the drawer will fit neatly.

Add or replace overhead lights with pot lights for good lighting. Accessorize your desk with a lovely lamp, stackable storage containers, and a pen cup. If your closet didn’t come with built-in wooden shelves, drawers, and cabinets, this will be part of your project of turning the closet into a functional office.

Wiring Your Closet Office – Get Help Online

These closets can be small, or they can be up to eight feet long. This type of closet works well as an office if you take the doors off or utilize curtains across the doorframe. The ideas we shared around shelving and storage options will be particularly crucial for a closet this size.

  • Even if it’s an odd-looking, but cherished doll from your childhood.
  • And don’t forget to look up, since there’s plenty of room above that’s likely not being used.
  • You can make it so by sprinkling in sentimental items such as souvenirs, framed artwork with inspirational quotes, or a low-maintenance plant.
  • Running shelves up the back of the closet is an easy and obvious solution.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet to work with, there’s so much you can do.

Keeping everything in perfect order might be challenging with open shelves. You might consider closed storage if you have a lot of stuff — just hide it behind cabinet doors. If you’re not keen on rewiring the inside of the closet, https://remotemode.net/ puck lights would be a good option. Feel free to use this simple DIY checklist as guidance to design a WFH closet office tailored to your taste. If your apartment lacks wall space, use the closet as an expressive extension.

beautiful closet office ideas that prove you need a cloffice in your life

You may find that what looks perfect in theory doesn’t work at all in practice. Whether you’re still working from home due to the pandemic or you’ve decided to make the switch to full-time remote work, you need a proper home office. The problem is you don’t have an office or room you can convert into a home office, and the dining room table isn’t cutting it anymore. Pretty design elements paired with smart storage solutions make this small nook feel like a full-fledged room. Your home office should be as attractive as it is practical! Remember, while the office setup might be a necessity while working from home, guests will see it whenever the doors are open.

turning a closet into an office

It can be done on a small budget, in just one weekend and is easy enough that even someone with no construction experience can do it. Closet offices offer a unique way to make the most out of any situation. “Personalize the space with pictures and items that are meaningful to you,” Marx recommends. This can help you feel like your home office is truly your own.

‘In our project JB Mews, we created a compact office at the back of the property in a small closet room,’ says Tom Rutt, founder of TR Studio. We may be talking closet office converting closet to office ideas, but think home office paint colors that make one of these designs sympathetic to other interiors. A home office setup needn’t be large to work beautifully.

turning a closet into an office